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18 de Janeiro de 2023

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 1: which is best for you?

Knowledge, experience, and strong research skills allow us to build software that runs smoothly on your devices no matter what hardware you use — even if a device is still in production. Apriorit experts can help you create robust solutions for threat detection, attack prevention, and data protection. Drivers that want to use MMX or floating point arithmetic may find they are in for some undue difficulty. It is not enough to simply save the context and then to restore it, because any unhandled exceptions may become "unhandleable", and raise a system error or a bug check. There are only certain times when Microsoft recommends using floating point arithmetic, and we will discuss them later. Drivers execute in the context of whatever thread was running when windows accessed the driver. To this end, we say that drivers execute in an "arbitrary context".

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